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Subject:    Event Management
Topic:        The social impacts of events on the host communities

The world is in the midst of an all-purpose technological revolution based on management systems related to economy and event. The macroeconomic benefits of the event management based revolution are already apparent in some economies, especially the United States and United Kingdom. However, it should be mentioned that historical experience has shown that such revolutions have often been accompanied by financial booms and busts, and the aspects of event management in respect to social events, especially in UK has been no exception. But, while spending on social events is likely to remain stable in the immediate future, as past overinvestment unwinds, the longer-term benefits for the global economy are likely to continue, or even accelerate, in the years to come. While technological and management formulation change is an ongoing process, there are periods during which technological and management progress is especially rapid, resulting in new products and falling prices of existing products, in this case the footfall of social events, that have widespread uses in the rest of the economy.

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Subject:    Accounting
Topic:        Environmental Management Accounting (EMA), Management Accounting including Environmental Management - a literature review

This thesis highlights on the utilization and benefits of using environmental management accounting for firms. In order to realize the uses and benefits of such a system, a framework is drawn to develop and implement an environmental management accounting system within an organization. The paper also compares and finds the difference between traditional financial accounting method and environmental management accounting to outline the importance of the later system in the current business environment. The research paper also discusses the methods of finding environmental costs and how the companies can accrue saving and generate revenues by separating environmental costs from general accounting.

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Subject:    Early Childhood Studies
Topic:    Role of parents’ education and involvement in enhancing the experiences of early childhood education

The present research study is a qualitative inquiry into the domain of early childhood studies. The area within early childhood studies that the present research aims to investigate is two-fold. The one dimension that the present research aims to explore is that of the impact of the parents’ education and involvement in a child’s early years’ education. What impact parents’ involvement has on early childhood education is one of the most critical areas when it comes to effective childhood nourishment. The other area of investigation is that of the role played by the teachers in the development and enhancement of early childhood experiences. This area is further divided into two parts. One is to investigate the responsibilities that early childhood education teachers have on their shoulder to increase a little child’s positive learning experiences and the other (closely related to the former) is that what strategies can be found to be useful in meeting the first goal. These two major areas within early childhood education were selected for quite a few reasons. First and foremost is that the present researcher finds it personally necessary to explore these areas because of being student of early childhood education, and because the present researcher has worked as nursery assistant in the past; and, most of all, the present researcher loves to work in early childhood area. Besides these reasons, it is also found that the present body of empirical research identifies these two areas to be highly important in the growth of children into sensible and productive citizens of a country. It is this starting point that the present qualitative research is conducted. The qualitative paradigm was chosen because of the nature of the research which was to look for underlying patterns of parental involvement and teaching practices in a specific school of repute in early childhood education. Because quantitative research was of no great use in addressing the research focus, qualitative research was chosen.

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