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Management is a broad spectrum which could be defined as controlling and directing resources that may include human, time and capital. It helps one in achieving corporate goals. Management is used in almost every field of life; homes, offices, institutions, organizations and even government and schools all need management. Students of business management need to write management assignments, essays and dissertations which aim to inculcate management skills in them.

Management is a typical business subject that undergoes several studies and processes. When a management essay is assigned to business students, they are required to follow the provided guidelines. Management essays, assignments and dissertations must possess the following characteristics:

•    A management essay must relate with the concept and ideas of the basic study. The relevance among the two makes a management essay successful. This would help in finding the main supportive argument.
•    A fresh topic would help grabbing the attention of readers. Structuring of supportive arguments is also very necessary. It needs basic concepts and ideas to work at.
•    A compelling introduction is the determinant of readers’ interest. As management is about planning, organizing, leading and controlling, a management essay or assignment must include these terms in thesis statement.
•    An experimental idea could be included as a topic for a management essay. The idea can then be connected to the thesis statement. For an experimental idea, it is crucial to involve visual elements like graphs, pictures and diagrams that could illustrate the basic idea.       
•    Management studies are based on theories. As an international subject, it is vital to use relevant jargons, buzzwords and terminologies.              
•    References are needed to be mentioned in the final copy. A management essay or assignment needs to be backed up by examples and other supporting details.

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