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 The word “politics” is derived from the Greek word “polis” that means city or state. Thus, the word “politics” describes concerned city and state affairs.

Politics can be defined as a decision making process by a group of people. A general perception related with the term is behavioural patterns found within the civil government. Politics can be observed outside the government too, including areas like academic, corporate and religious institutions. Also, it can be sensed in human interaction groups. 

Politics basically consists of such social relations that involve some authority or power. Regulation of a political unit is referred through politics; also the tactics that helps formulation and helpful in applying policies of it.

For the academic discipline, political science studies politics which helps in examining power attainment and its application. Politics essay or assignments mainly surrounds the application of normative philosophical theory that tends to control wealth and power, and works on the protection, security and improvement of resources, people and environment. It convinces positive situations. This all should be implemented under law. 

Politics dissertation or politics assignment needs a good understanding of the subject. It is always essential to describe and evaluate the nature of politics in a politics essay or dissertation. The politics essay or dissertation can be of any topic or subject that is a part of politics. 

Politics can be different within different societies for the value judgement. Politicians should add the valued judgement because they have to take decision about what values should be mixed. Political thinking changes with the society it interacts, but basics of politics job remain unchanged. 


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