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It is a vast academic discipline that studies human consideration with the help of tactics that are critical or analytical. It is different from other social and natural sciences.  

Humanities is a discipline that comprises various academic fields. The other fields are:

• Languages of ancient and modern age
• History
• Literature
• Religion
• Performing and Visual arts
• Music

Sometimes anthropology, cultural & communication studies, and area studies are also included in Humanities discipline. Humanities itself is not a single discipline; it is a combination of disciplines. Subjects like Philosophy, Art and Literature are branches of knowledge that are a primary concern of culture and human thought.  

Humanities' subjects intend to deliver intellectual skills and general knowledge. A humanities essay or assignment can be a combination of the disciplines involved in it, or either emphasizing on a particular discipline. The main subject area for writing a Humanities dissertation can be:

1. History: Record of past events and happenings.
2. Art: A discipline that studies painting and sculpturing development.
3. Fine art is the study of creating visual art work.
4. Performing art: Teaches the skills that are requisite for performing publicly.
5. Philosophy: It’s primarily about knowledge, ethics and existence which investigates rationally
6. Musicology: Music study based on scholarly and scientific
7. Library science: It is about practices and principles involved in library administration

There is a wide range of disciplines that can become great research areas for a Humanities dissertation, essay or assignment.


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