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The word Biology is derived from the word “Bios,” which means life; and the word”Logos”, which means “study of.” Gottfried Reinhold Treviranus was the first person who came up with this term. Biology became a general study of natural objects in the 19th century, which has built up its separate entity, and is now coined in every university and college as a separate discipline. New developments and great achievements remain always at peak. Annually an array of new discoveries in the field of medicine is noticeably increasing.

Biology is mainly a study examining the structure, origin, function, growth, evolution, distribution and classification of the living organisms. Modern biology stands on the foundation of five main pillars: 

• Cell theory
• Evolution
• Gene theory
• Energy
• Home ostasis 

Biology had been grouped previously by the organism type, for instance, Zoology; study of animals, Botany; study of plants, and Microbiology; study of micro organisms.

Further, these fields were divided, and have been studied depending on the scale and methods that were being used to study them. For example, study of fundamental chemistry of life-biochemistry, study of complex biological molecules- molecular biology, Physiology is a name of functions of physical and chemical tissues in a living organism. 

Writing a Biology dissertation  or assignment needs attentive mind and tremendous effort; since it is a study of living organism, it needs great research and plenty of time. A Biology dissertation is meant to explore new ways and has a great deal to offer if the dissertation is accomplished successfully. 


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