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A discipline, not new, but is relatively difficult to define. It has such a wide variety of subjects that it is hard to imagine to define it in a single article.  Definitions for this diverse field are:

Art is something that stems and emerges out from the creative side. It deals with certain human emotions and feelings that are not meant to be expressed through any calculations and needs no formulas to be measured. It includes diverse fields that are somehow connected with each other. Take an example of Visual Art, Theatre, Music and Literature. 

Creative skills have always been in disputes because a firm belief is that it has no explanations to it. Many believe that it is inherited but still cannot be explained because this lacks logic. Talent sets apart actual art from the skills. 

The concept is impossible to understand, but the little we can say that it refers to the subconscious within ourselves. We got inspirations from the outer world too. So, we get it from nowhere, which clearly shows that there is no exact agreement related to the meaning of arts.

An agreement on arts states that art communicates on infinite levels, which open numerous interpretations. Then keeping the art work in mind, maybe it is a painting, a book or, a dance performance, it remains in our mind that eventually communicates countless, diversified and variety of meanings, which is the fortunate purpose of art. A very rich example of this perception is great art work and monumental pieces that simply present and communicate the culture of the past times that is easily extracted today as well. 

This is the prime meaning of art: To communicate, reflect and penetrate the meaning of its creation.

Other categories of arts:

• Sculpture
• Architect
• Photography
• Conceptual art
• Performing art

An Art essay is easy to write, keeping the diverse nature; one can find a great variety of art essay topics. Because it relates to the creativity, art essay will be a part of it. An art essay should deliver the true meaning of art. 

From the above lines, the extracted definition of art is: According to the aesthetic principles, the quality, expression, realm and production of what looks appealing, or of extra ordinary significance is art.


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