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With the emerging fields of education in today’s world, Anthropology is one of those significant fields which are popular study fields amongst students. Mostly people are still unaware of the basic definition of it. Anthropology is mainly a study of humankind, conceptually backboned on diversified natured cultures and societies. It evolves universal capacity to learn and to teach symbols socially. It basically works on transformation process depending on these symbols. Regardless of humankind, Anthropology studies social values, beliefs, traditions, languages, kinships, social institutions, and also the mechanism for economics, tools and methods, art and craft. 

Anthropology is divided into four broad categories:

• Biological
• Cultural
• Archaeology
• Linguistics

PHYSICAL / BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: It studies human evaluation and population genetics. Human’s impact, which primarily focuses on generation and propagation of human characteristics. It involves the anatomy and biology where race and gender could be studied. 

LINGUISTICS ANTHROPOLOGY: It primarily studies the impact and variations with respect to time on languages. It emphasizes on social usage of languages and relationship of culture with language.

ARCHAEOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY: It studies the substantial remains; known as monuments or heritages of human’s societies.   

CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The socio cultural anthropology studies social behaviours and cultural beliefs. 

Anthropology can be a great topic for dissertation because it has broad category and classifications. One can choose an aspect of it to write dissertation on. Anthropology dissertation writing can be very interesting because it covers all the social and cultural grounds of humans. Applied Anthropology can be a responsive topic for Anthropology essay  that emphasizes to deal with problems by using anthropological knowledge.


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