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Free Political Science Topics
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It is defined as a social science which studies the theories and implementation of politics. It is also defined as an analysis of political systems and the behaviours it follows. Like all other disciplines, it has numerous sub-fields that include: public policy, political theory, comparative politics and international relations.
The discipline is slightly different because it follows philosophy of politics, the structuralism, behaviourism, interpretivism, and intuitionalism. It works with secondary records, official and historical documents, statistical analysis etc

TOPICS for Political science assignment and dissertation:

• Political philosophy and theory
• Different political systems
• Policy analysis and studies
• Different ideologies associated with political science
• The system of voting and electoral behaviour
• Political geography and its importance
• What is geopolitics?
• Analysis of cross national politics
• Intergovernmental politics vs. Supranational
• How can a society be developed politically?
• What has to be included in globalization studies?
• Analysis of foreign policy
• Conflict analysis vs. peace studies
• Studying international politics and law
• Public administration and its importance in political science
• Studying local government issues
• Administrative and bureaucratic analysis; important elements involved in it
• Judicial behaviour and its implementation
•  Public vs. legislative laws and processes involved in it
• Democratic peace theory and its significance
• International relations and its functions
• Political participation
• Political campaigns and their importance
• What systems should be implemented for voting?
• Political studies and its advanced approaches

Political science is a separate discipline which needs strong understanding of the subject to get hold on the topic of discussion.  It apprehends the process of decision making which involves government and international organisations, public policies and political behaviour. It studies and examines factors like justice, stability, and peace and material wealth. It is a branch of social science that affects political decisions which help in determining political stability.

Free Political Science Topics

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